HydroFloTech strongly believes that clients would prefer to focus on their core business instead of having to worry about wastewater so long as two key criteria are met: Discharge compliance is met, Cost of compliance is Low. Once place to call when something is goes wrong, HydroFloTech’s Wastewater As A Service (WAAS) thoughtfully addresses this preference.

HydroFloTech’s WAAS services have been designed with a few key highlights:

  1. Low Cost (monthly or per gallon): Just like they pay for all their utilities, clients can pay a monthly usage fee for their wastewater. These fees are typically on a flowrate basis (e.g. $ X per gallon of discharge) but there may be some minimum fees for months where the usage is not sufficient.
  2. Equipment Can be Leased or Owned: The equipment involved can be under an operating lease (deductible for tax purposes), finance (through a third party) or simply purchased outright. HydroFloTech will offer the same services regardless of who owns the equipment.
  3. Performance Guaranteed: HydroFloTech will design the system around your most likely (and worst) wastewater characteristics. Lab tests will be performed to back up all initial designs. So long as the wastewater entering the system (influent) is within the previously agreed upon range of criterion, the effluent requirements will be met.
  4. Discharge / Re-Cycle Options: HydrofloTech systems are always designed to be “modular”. As a result, the treated water leaving the system can either be effectively discharged or even recycled. The re-cycle option can be added as a module at a later time if desired.

WasteWater As A Service (WAAS)

1. Study and Design: We help study the process and key characteristics of your wastewater to design the right system for your application. We are technology agnostic – we manufacture a broad range of product technologies and are not married to a specific technology. With a lab study in hand, we start the design process which includes:

  • Water and wastewater lab studies
  • Review treatment technology alternatives
  • Process flow diagram
  • Technology and equipment sizing and selection
  • Cost Estimates

2. Build: HydroFloTech has a key strategic advantage on how we build our equipment. Our lean methods have really cut down on all non-production overhead and as a result, we are confident in being one of the lowest cost manufacturers of equipment.

3. Install & Start Up: Since we are involved from the initial study of the wastewater, the installation and start-up is seamless. A majority of mechanical and electrical assembly is performed and tested at our facilities before being shipped. As a result, the on-site installation and start-up are much easier. There is no guesswork and the local installation crew (either provided by client or HydroFloTech) can get the job done in a few key days.

4. Operate: HydroFloTech has strategic partnerships with staffing firms that are able to provide certified and / or knowledgeable staff to operate wastewater systems. Clients may choose to use their own personnel and HydroFloTech will appropriately train them during the startup. Additionally, HydroFloTech also offers remote monitoring of your wastewater system with email / text alerts and ERP connections.

5. Maintain: The systems come with a recommended maintenance schedule which can be performed by HydroFloTech staff on your site. This allows the HydroFloTech staff to check on the process and have an opportunity to answer any questions client staff may have.

6. Service: Should something break / stop functioning, HydroFloTech staff can either ship a part within a 24 hours or be on site within 48 hours in most situations.