• Dairy

    Dairy Wastewater Solutions

    Fully modular systems for discharge or re-use. Solids removal, fats, oils and grease (FOG) and sludge dewatering are all modular and can be added later.

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  • HydroFloat DAF Systems

    HydroFloat Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Systems are used to separate suspended solids (TSS) and Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from water.

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  • Winery

    Winery Wastewater Solutions

    Complete Wastewater Solutions for discharge or re-use. Fully Packaged Systems are factory assembled and can be built in containers or on skids

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  • ClariMax Clarifier - Carbon Steel (large) - HydroFloTech

    ClariMax Clarifiers

    The HydroFloTech ClariMax™ inclined plate clarifier is a unique clarifier in the world of clarification equipment.

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  • EconoSep - Oil Water Separators

    EconoSep Oil Water Separators are widely used to remove free floating oils from water.

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  • Packaged Wastewater Solutions

    Fully packaged systems are pre-plumbed, pre-wised from factory and need 2-3 days to become fully operational. Systems can be built on skids, containers or on custom trailers

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what we do


We design and manufacture a wide range of industrial wastewater products, packaged solutions and related services.


Where we do it


We work with clients in a variety of industries including food & beverage (wineries, dairies, candy manufacturers, meat processors, packaged food producers), bulk transport, oil & gas and metal treatment companies.


how we do it


We are wastewater solution providers and don’t just manufacture products. We can design, build, package and service your entire wastewater operation. We are transforming wastewater by offering fully packaged systems and also Wastewater As a Service (WAAS).


At HydroFloTech, we understand that wastewater solutions need to be complete, simple and fail safe.

Wastewater never will nor should be your core competency. You should focus on your core business and let HydroFloTech experts worry about all things wastewater.

HydroFloTech is your one-stop wastewater solution provider. We can design, manufacture, install, service and maintain your entire wastewater operation.

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